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Interagency Council on Homelessness Members

The ICH Council includes representatives of key government agencies, service providers, constituents who are experiencing or have formerly experienced homelessness, and the Continuum of Care (CoC).

Government Representatives

  • Rashad Young –Office of the City Administrator, Chair
  • Raymond Davidson – Child and Family Services Agency
  • Tanya Royster – Department of Behavioral Health
  • Kaya Henderson  – DC Public Schools
  • Adrianne Todman – DC Housing Authority
  • Polly Donaldson – Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Laura Zeilinger – Department of Human Services
  • Christopher Weaver – Department of General Services
  • Deborah Carroll – Department of Employment Services
  • Thomas Faust – Department of Corrections
  • LaQuandra Nesbitt – Department of Health
  • Chris Geldart – Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
  • Cathy Lanier – DC Metropolitan Police
  • Hanseul Kang – Office of the State Superintendent of Schools
  • Sheila Alexander-Reid – Office of GLBT Affairs
  • Alana Intrieri – Councilmember Mendelson Office

Service Providers

  • Luis Vasquez, Catholic Charities
  • Michael Ferrell, Coalition for the Homeless
  • Kelly McShane, Community of Hope
  • Jean-Michel Giraud, Friendship Place
  • Elizabeth (Schroeder) Stribling, N Street Village
  • Deborah Shore, Sasha Bruce


  • Maggie Riden, DC Alliance for Youth Advocates
  • Kate Coventry, DC Fiscal Policy Institute
  • Chapman Todd, Development Consultant
  • Scott McNeilly, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless Consumer Representatives

Representatives of Constitutents Experiencing Homelessness

  • Donald Brooks
  • Cheryl Barnes
  • Michael Coleman

Continuum of Care Representative

  • Sue Marshall, TCP